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Frequently Asked Questions


      Section 11.01 of the Rules of the Circuit Court of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit, Will County, Illinois, provides that, unless otherwise ordered by the Court, all Judicial and Foreclosure Sales of Real Estate shall be assigned to the Court's Auctioneer who acts on behalf of both the Sheriff of Will County and the Court. The Court's Auctioneer prepares the documents required by Section 11.02 of the Rules and conducts the public auction, or "Sheriff's Sale," of the real estate. The Attorney for plaintiff shall furnish all information requested by the Court's Auctioneer and give notice of said sale to all parties in the action who have appeared and have not theretofore been found by the court to be in default for failure to plead pursuant to statute.


Q. How does a foreclosure sale date get set?
A. A sale date is set by the Court's Auctioneer after receipt of an original certified copy of the Judgment of Foreclosure and sale information including a legal address, common address and PIN of the property to be sold.
Q. When are sales held?
A. Foreclosure sales are held every Thursday at noon in Courtroom 201 of the Will County Court Annex, 57 N. Ottawa Street, Joliet, Illinois. Sales with special circumstances may be set at other times and places per court order.
Q. If I win a bid on a property, how will payment be made?
A. The general rule in Will County is payment of 10% of your total bid at the time of sale in certified funds or money order, with the full balance due within 24 hours. Different terms may be set by the Court and would be set forth in the public notice. You must, at the time of entering your opening bid, present your certified funds or money order to the Auctioneer.
Q. Where can I find a copy of the Will County Local Court Rules?
A. Will County Local Court Rules can be found on the website of the 12th Judicial Circuit Court.
Q. How do I obtain a deed after a sale has been confirmed?
A. The deed is customarily prepared by the successful bidder at sale. You may wish to consult with an attorney. You must also submit with the proposed deed the following documents:
  • An original Deed and one copy
  • The original Certificate of Sale
  • An original certified copy of the Order Approving Sale
  • An original recorded Assignment and/or PTAX form if applicable.
  • $5.00 check or money order payable to the Sheriff - Will County
  • Self addressed stamped envelope for return of the Deed.
Q. How do I know if an Assignment or Illinois PTax form is necessary?
A. If the Deed is to be issued to an individual or entity other than the successful bidder an Assignment is required. PTax questions link:

Q. How do I obtain information about a property being sold?
A. The Court's Auctioneer sales calendar may be consulted and has the sale date and the Plaintiff's attorney. All other information must be obtained through the Plaintiff's attorney or the public court file.
Q. Can I get access to view a property I am interested in?
A. You must contact the Plaintiff's attorney or file a motion in court.
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